Diablo 2 Resurrected: What Runewords Are Must Make?

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I believe that so far, players have made much D2R Items gear to enhance the character's abilities. So what are rune words in Diablo 2 Resurrected that must be made? What is the role of these Runewords? The following MMOSO reveals the answer for everyone.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Must Make Rune Words Introduction

Call To Arms

Call To Arms, which is what we call BO, provides us with higher blood volume and mana volume through battle orders. CTA is placed used off-hand, even though it has four variables, its most important variable is the battle orders skill.

His substrate is a five-socket weapon. We generally choose a one-handed weapon that is different from the main-hand weapon as the basic material, and the shield position of the off-hand weapon chooses an invisible spirit shield.


Grief is generally a standard weapon for the physical melee profession. Super damage, good attack speed, and recovery of blood and mana from killing enemies are all attributes that are very friendly to melee physics professions.

Being able to make a grief‘s character, the problem of survival is basically no longer a problem, the pursuit is high damage. Of course, it is not only the variables that affect its value but also the substrate, other variables will also have a small impact, but the problem is not big, mainly is 340-400 variable range.


As a piece of armor clothing, it is not a variable that affects its value. The biggest influencing factor of the fortitude armor is its defense value.

Fortitude is generally made invisible for the mercenary use of Act 2, the character wears the enigma armor then directly TP to the monster's face. As long as the defensive value is high enough to stand, generally if the defense value of the substrate exceeds 800, it has a transaction value.

In addition to the second act mercenary use of the invisible, melee physical professions wearing the fortitude will choose the Archon Plate, because he is the highest defensive value of light armor.

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