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However, this can misunderstand Yang Haoxuan, he saw,


However, this can misunderstand Yang Haoxuan, he saw, is the servant girl in the hands of "longevity", she can not read. The book was turned upside down, and when it happened to open to the third page, the little man turned upside down, and the lines that drew the meridians were also reversed. However, this scene, let Yang Haoxuan by a strong impact, suddenly grabbed the "longevity" up and down around a look, full of excitement. I see! I see Yang Haoxuan muttered excitedly, he found that the change of the practice method of "Changshengjue" was not the meridians, but the posture! Yes, that's the pose above! "Yang Haoxuan, who was excited YES!!", hugged the servant girl beside him and said, "You are really my lucky star!" It's over! It's over! This ruffian young master wants to commit violence to oneself eventually, small Luo Li heart is extremely flustered: "Want to push me?" She closed her eyes. Suddenly, she felt that Yang Haoxuan loosened himself, did not relax, but was more nervous: "How?"? Is the young master going to torture me? After a while, she opened her eyes and found Yang Haoxuan looking at him curiously. "Why are you so afraid?" She asked. "I.." The servant girl was stunned and did not know what to say. Never mind! I won't eat people! Yang Haoxuan patted her on the shoulder and comforted her. Young master. I The servant girl still said pitifully. Don't worry! Yang Haoxuan patted a few more times. No The servant girl's voice was extremely tense. What's going on? "Young master.." Your hand.. The little girl finally closed her eyes and seemed to have a lot of courage to say this. Yang Haoxuan is stupefied, discover oneself just patted suddenly, it is the crisp bosom of the family unexpectedly! Sweat! Yang Haoxuan hurriedly pulled his hand later,water bottling line, at the same time, carefully aftertaste, but just have so many small steamed buns, and did not wear a bra, feel. Ahem, stop! Knowing the mystery of "Eternal Life", Yang Haoxuan didn't want to go, but he learned from the servant girl that Yang Batian was holding a large-scale celebration banquet, and the family essentials were all there. Then lead the way,liquid bottle filling machine, and, you know, I really didn't mean it just now! Yang Haoxuan said awkwardly. Not on purpose? Not exactly The aggrieved little girl has great resentment in her heart, but she can only lead the way honestly. In the middle of the hall of the Yang Mansion, there were indeed already several tables, where the family was sitting. Form a strange scene, that is, some people have blessed Yang Batian, some people cold face silent. This is the struggle between the holdouts and the opposition. The arrival of the opposition, naturally, is to know whether Yang Haoxuan really has the strength, and what is the mystery of his strength. When Yang Haoxuan walked to the main table, his father Yang Batian said secretly, "Haoxuan!"! You gave dad a face today, and he was very happy. Although I don't know why you are so powerful, I think you will boast that a master will accept you as an apprentice in the mountains and pass on your mantle, which will make these people take care of you! "Well!" Yang Haoxuan nodded, PET blow moulding machine ,bottle blowing machine, understand Yang Batian purpose, slightly moved in the heart, this cheap father, simply all the time for their own sake. When he was seated, someone asked. Haoxuan! First of all, congratulations on your success, but the fourth uncle still has a question to ask you. Didn't you go home from the Dantian to the second floor of the talented warrior? Why is it so powerful? Yang Haoxuan's fourth uncle, Yang Ying's father, stood up and asked coldly. At the signal of Yang Batian, Yang Haoxuan stood up and said, "Unexpectedly, all the elders asked, so I said it directly. In fact, after the old man repaired my Dantian that day, he accepted me as an apprentice.". So it's my master. As for cultivation, it's only four layers now. I think because the strength was six layers before, it's easy to practice when the Dantian is good. Moreover, Shifu also teaches a step method! The most sensational thing about Yang Haoxuan's words is the terrace method. Tianhe mainland, the method is divided into four levels, from high to low is: heaven and earth Xuanhuang. Skill is extremely precious. Generally speaking, Huang Jie's skills are very valuable in a big family like the Yang family. If you want to practice Xuanjie, you need to go to the sect. To the terrace, needless to say, the power of the whole country, also can't get a terrace method. As a result, in Yang Haoxuan's mouth, the mysterious man gave him as if he had sent cabbage, so how could they accept it! At the same time, I was shocked. Who is this mysterious man? Originally intended to assassinate Yang Haoxuan this is the development of Miaozi people, but also the idea is buried in the heart, deep. Big Yan can't afford to offend the mysterious man who takes out the terrace skill. Even Yang Batian is shocked, but accidentally saw Yang Haoxuan mouth small sneer, not helpless wry smile, this smelly boy, than Lao Tzu will also flicker. PS Tofu Damn.. Today, my friend's computer arrived. I helped him all afternoon. Sorry! The twelfth chapter is earthly and martial world. Yang Haoxuan is also relieved, he does not want to be strangled in the cradle, now, casually looking for a backer, it is estimated that in the future to move his people, have to weigh. To achieve the goal, the celebration banquet soon ended, when everyone went, Yang Batian called Yang Haoxuan: "Haoxuan!"! Dad these years, the first time so happy, now you get a big chance, I do not ask, but I hope you cherish! The implication is not to happen again when the Dantian of a civilian woman was broken. Yang Haoxuan immediately said with a straight face: "Father, don't worry!"! After that, I have learned a lot, and I will practice well! "Well!" Yang Batian nodded and said with relief, "You have grown up now. I should tell you the situation of the Yang family and even the whole Tianhe mainland!" Hearing this, Yang Haoxuan immediately became interested and listened carefully. Now the Yang family! You should also notice that they are very disunited because they are not convinced by me. The reason for disobeying me. Because when your grandfather died, there were only me and the elder. He gave me the patriarch. My brothers and brothers naturally didn't believe it. They thought they had been robbed of their own things. Now they want to get them back. But I don't hate them. If I were you,juice filling machine, I would do the same. But don't worry, the Yang family has been firmly in my hands, they can only do something on you. Yang Batian looked like he was going to give the Yang family to Yang Haoxuan. gzxilinear.com