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Hearing this, the brother and sister hurriedly declined, saying, "Wang Yeh first gave us a financial gift, and then gave my brother (me) the qualification to go to kamikaze college.".


"Oh?"? As you wish. Qin Fang is also slightly surprised, but also did not care, laughed in response to a sentence, did not put the fist that has been close at hand in the eye. He suddenly lifted his foot and kicked, just as Junhao's fist was about to fall on the bridge of Qin Fang's nose, Junhao's whole person was directly kicked by Qin Fang and lay heavily on the ground. roa。 Chapter Table of Contents Chapter 689 Hit the small, come the old. Brother Junhao was quite disdainful of Qin Fang, and felt that with the strength of his black belt, cleaning up such an ordinary person who had no strength, it was simply a matter that could be done with one punch. As a warrior, another Korean [search for the latest updates in aoye] Son, brother Junhao has a sense of superiority that others can't imagine. He feels that he is the noblest existence, and others are not qualified to compare with him at all. But today, when Lee Eun-hye appeared with Qin Fang, Lee Eun-hye's intimate gesture to Qin Fang made him furious and hostile to Qin Fang. And Qin Fang's sentence "You don't deserve it" instantly ignited the anger that Junhao brother was about to spray, and he made a move without hesitation. Especially when Lee Eun-hye shouted out the phrase "don't", in Junhao brother's view, it was Lee Eun-hye who was concerned about Qin Fang, which made him very angry and more ruthless. But when he heard the words behind Lee Eun-hye, he suddenly felt that something was wrong, but it was too late for him to stop,Thyroid Powder Factory, because his fist had reached the tip of Qin Fang's nose. The capital is the capital of the Dragon Kingdom. There are many famous officials here, and there are many officials and childs. Some people can offend his brother Junhao. After all, he is a foreigner, and his family background is also very good. As long as it is not too bad, he can stay out of it. At most, he will be deported. Of course, some childe elder brother he also dare not offend,Theobromine Powder, such as Qiao Zhenfei, Tang Cheng these, offend too hard, it is estimated that he can not live out of the dragon country, so when he heard Li Enhui that sentence, he vaguely felt that Qin Fang may be a powerful family childe, this heart is a little regret under such a heavy hand. But go.. , He was obviously wrong in thinking and did not think of the right way to go. And just as his fist was about to touch Qin Fang, he finally realized the true meaning of Li Enhui's words. Qin Fang just put his foot in his abdomen with a light foot. The force generated at that moment seemed to shatter all his internal organs. There was a strong and incomparable churning in his stomach, as if he was going to spit out the overnight meal. Master Jun-ho.. Brother Junhao's tragic end immediately stunned the coaches in the boxing hall, and immediately gave a cry of surprise. ***ing dragon people, I want.. Ah There were even a few boxing coaches who had even less vision than brother Junhao, who immediately attacked Qin Fang with a very fierce attack, and the tui of the volley looked very lethal. Hum I don't know whether to live or die! Qin Fang's eyebrows and eyes are horizontal, although he is against Korea. The son was not very interested, but if someone took the initiative to stir up trouble, L Methylfolate Factory ,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, Qin Fang would not be polite. For example, in front of Junhao brother, that arrogant posture, tone and hand ruthless, so that Qin Fang quite uncomfortable will give him a little lesson, let him know that there are people outside the sky. But Qin Fang shot is still very measured, he is passive counterattack, not to kick the hall, so his foot seems to be very heavy, in fact, has been out of the hand very light, otherwise Junhao brother would have fainted now. But I didn't expect these South Koreans. The son was so unreasonable that when he saw that he was defeated, he had to use the way of group attack, and even more ruthless than brother Junhao, which made Qin Fang a little angry in his heart. The attack of the extremely fierce whip tui brought up a burst of strong strength. This boy is also a ruthless man in the moves of the boxing. As far as the moves are concerned, he has won the most important one. It is a pity that after all, the boxing is a fight between a foreign husband and an internal master who can use his breath to fight against the enemy. If the two people who lost at the starting line from the very beginning have a clear gap in rank, then this fierce attack is not to kill the enemy, but to kill him. As soon as Qin Fang stepped back slightly, he saw the whip tui crossing in front of Qin Fang, not even touching the slightest bit of Qin Fang. But Qin Fang naturally could not be beaten passively, stretched out a hand, to be exact, two fingers, and tapped gently on the small tui of the man who had just crossed 1. The strength does not seem to be very big, the movement is also so casual, but that obvious crisp sound is very clear in many people's ears. Ah heart immediately, is a shrill scream, the fierce boxing coach immediately fell to the ground in pain, both hands tightly hugged his little tui, out of a heart-rending howl! Such a change, all appeared in a flash, really out of the expectation of many people, originally there are a few people to start on Qin Fang, but the fist of the hand all abruptly stopped, one by one you look at me, I look at you, but no one continues to be the first bird. Qin Fang is not the kind of person who likes to add insult to injury, and when he sees that these people have been shocked, he returns to his previous appearance, with a faint smile on his face, as if all this has nothing to do with him. You Who the hell is it? By this time, Junhao brother has been helped to stand up, the expression on his face is also quite shocked, at the same time the abdominal pain is severe, so that he seems to speak a little hard. But just now Qin Fang knocked off a tui action of the boxing coach,S Adenosyl Methionine, but he saw it more clearly than others, and at the same time he understood that his skill was absolutely no match for Qin Fang. Who am I? It's just a friend of Miss Li Yihui, as I said just now. For these South Koreans.