Hosidius House Favour Farming

Old School RuneScape Guide: Hosidius House Favour Farming


Old School RuneScape has something the main game doesn't include: the continent of Zeah which is where the kingdom called Great Kourend is located. You will need allies to explore this kingdom. One of these could be the House of Hosidius.
To earn the Favour you require and to earn the OSRS gold you'll be getting in the near future, you must follow this step-by-step guideline.
What is Hosidius House?
Hosidius is the house dedicated to agriculture. From that alone, the sorts of things you'd be making in for this house the name Favour ought to be evident. The more Favour you receive the more exclusive food and farming-related content you'll be able to access.

From the moment you begin
Start by tilling the Hosidius fields at 0% Favour. You will need to push the plough back-and-forth in order to do this. Luckily your avatar will be doing the plough-pushing until either edge or the plough is broken down. It is necessary to use a hammer in order to repair the plough in case it breaks. Plowing one field will grant 10 Farming experiences, while fixing the plough will grant 10 Crafting experience. You should choose larger fields so you do not have to click on every one over and over. In addition, you can limit yourself to a single field.

After you have reached 5% Favour you are able to begin making sulphurous fertiliser. This is done by adding saltpetre to regular compost. Saltpetre can be found at five locations south of the bank. Look for Konoo to determine where saltpetre can be found. Apart from serving as a marker for saltpetre, Konoo will also give you a shovel in case you don't own one.

Mix the saltpetre with compost and give it to the Clerk whom you will find in a building to the southwest of the bank. You'll gain 0.1 percent Favour for each bucket of sulphurous fertilizer that you'll give.

In The Kitchen and Grapevine
The next thing to do is cook. This is the thing you'll be able to do when you've earned 45 Favour. Visit the Mess, where you'll have cook whatever Shayzien soldiers require. You'll cook stew, pineapple pizza, or meat pie, depending on what they want.

For this particular activity, you'll need level 20 Cooking for meat pie 25 for stew and 65 for pizza with pineapple. Apart from getting Favour, participants will also be receiving Cooking experience.

Finally, once you reach an 85% level of popularity at which point the Vinery will be available to you. After you've used saltpetre, grape seeds and saltpetre you'll be able to begin farming grapes. For every grape that you plant, you'll earn 0.8% Favor

Take advantage of the benefits
Apart from being able complete the quest to Great Kourend, HosidiusFavour also gives you the following benefits:

* 15 * 15 % - You are now able to purchase fruit at a stall near LogavaGricoller’s Cooking Supplies

* 35% - spirit plant saplings within the spirit tree patch. Paying LammyLangle 55 monkey nuts and 1 monkey bar and one ground tooth, protects the patch.

* 50% - Allotment patches found in the southeastern Hosidius House won't suffer from diseases.

* 75% - Enrollment into Woodcutting Guild available for players who have not yet unlocked level 60 Woodcutting.

* 100% Participation in Tithe Farm minigame not unlocked and now, city kitchens can be used southeast of the chaos. These are great places to cook, as the kitchens in these offer a 5 percent increase in performance in cooking.

The lifestyle of a cook and farmer is easy, enjoyable, and rewarding. Hosidius is the most suitable house to earn Favour because it's simple to be favored!